Professional Development

There are substantial discounts on all events for QAMT members and school/institution members may send up to 4 delegates at member prices! (P-12 schools – 6 delegates at member prices)

The following professional development events are run by QAMT:

Early Years & Middle Schooling Conference 22 May 2022

State Conference 24-25-26 June 2022 – 100th Anniversary Celebration of QAMT – Looking Back, Looking Forward

President’s Dinner 19 August 2022

First Nations Peoples PD QASMT 2 Sept

Friday Night Maths –  21 October 2022

AGM –  November 2022 – all members are welcome to attend whether attending the Senior Maths Day or not

Senior Maths Day – November 2022

Teachers Supporting Teachers – professional sharing and discussions 

NEW!!! Teachers Supporting Teachers for P-10 Mathematics!

Teachers Supporting Teachers P-4 zoom webinar 2 August

Teachers Supporting Teachers Senior Secondary zoom webinar 4 August

Teachers Supporting Teachers 4-10 zoom webinar 30 August

Teachers Supporting Teachers P-5 zoom webinar with Rob Proffitt-White 31 May – recording available here

Teachers Supporting Teachers 6-10 zoom webinar with Rob Proffitt-White 10 May – recording available here

Senior Mathematics:

Teachers Supporting Teachers Senior: How external exams are marked 9 June – Register here

Teachers Supporting Teachers Senior: Tips for Challenging Unit 4 topics 5 May – Recording here

Calculator Skills for student success. Thursday 3 March 2022. Recordings available here: Introduction and TI calculator demonstration. Casio calculator demonstration recording here.

Unpacking an example PSMT free zoom meeting. From topic ideas to marking. Join us to unpack an example PSMT adding your ideas and experiences. Thursday 10th February – recording available here.

Recordings of the discussions from 2021 can be found here

P- Year 4 Games to increase fluency and number sense – Mon 21st March 2022. Recording available here.

Years 5-10 Strategies and routines to set up students for success – Tue 22nd March 2022. Recording available here.

QAMT Executive meeting dates usually 3rd Thursday of every month