The 2024 Problem Solving Competition will run on Friday, April 26th (to accommodate the change in NAPLAN dates). Register by 24th April to allow for exam preparation.

Member school entry free: $5 per student. Non-member school entry fee: $5 per student plus a single $10 administration fee for non-member schools.

The Problem Solving Competition is open to all students of secondary schools in Queensland. Registration must be completed by a teacher. If home schooled, please contact the QAMT office to register to make other arrangements.

More information about coordinating the competition is given at the bottom of the page

About the Competition

There are three competition papers, one each for Years 7 and 8, Years 9 and 10, and Years 11 and 12. All of the papers are are two hours long. The papers consist of questions which require an answer but working should also be shown. The problems do not usually require any greater knowledge than that possessed by good students but will need a certain amount of ingenuity and thought for their solution. You will need your own paper (10 sheets should be sufficient). Non-CAS calculators may be used.

Past Competitions

View the 2023 results and selected past papers here.

National Mathematics Summer School

Year 11 students who excel in the UQ/QAMT Problem Solving Competition are invited to apply for the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS). This is a program for the discovery and development of mathematically gifted and talented students from all over Australia. Approximately 12 students from Queensland attend each year. Potential participants can be suggested to the relevant State/Territory selector for consideration.  Michael Bulmer is the Queensland selector [[email protected]]. Potential candidates can also apply for a sponsorship to help cover travel costs.