Teachers Supporting Teachers P – Year 10 – Thur 3 Nov 7pm – Measurement and the Cartesian Plane

Measurement and the Cartesian Plane

A presentation intended to empower the learning of Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, Volume and graphing on the Cartesian Plane from Prep to Year 10 and Beyond. (Please have 1 centimetre grid paper, a ruler and a geometry set on hand.)
Who is Joe Ousby?
Joe has taught Mathematics from Year 7 to year 12 for over 40 years in NSW, Singapore and Queensland. In that time he has cooked octagonal cakes, collected thousands of 1 litre milk cartons, ridden lifts with his students on sets of bathroom scales, submerged himself in 44 gallon drums of water and handed out reams and reams of graph paper in service of his students understanding and seeing value in what they are learning. Joe currently tutors students in Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods. He am committed that we deliver on our promise to enrich the lives of those we teach.

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