reSolve – Maths by inquiry

AAMT’s project reSolve – Maths by inquiry will be running writing workshops throughout Australia in the next few months. Two are running in Queensland – one in Brisbane (Toowoomba) and one in FNQ (Townsville). The workshops will be made up of six practising teachers, two or three ‘academics’ and the lead writers from the reSolve team.

The focus for these writing workshops will be on topics rather than year groups. The idea is that for each topic we will identify a number of key ‘hot spots’ for lesson development. These hotspots might span a couple of year levels. The FNQ workshops with be working in years F-4 in ‘Structure of Number’ – for example, place value in the primary years is considered an area of concern and so two lessons might be written for Year 1, then others building on this in Years 2 and  3. AAMT hope that this will provide a developmental progression that builds on key understandings in the domain.  The materials developed will be trialled by the teachers on the writing team and then added to the resources available to the project.

reSolve is managed by AAMT in collaboration with AAS, and as an affiliated group, QAMT would like  suggestions of suitable teachers and contact details for the FNQ workshop. The teaches would typically have enthusiasm and strong curriculum knowledge in this area. The project is fully funded in that teachers who take part in the workshops will be provided as needed with transport, accommodation, food, and supported in their school with two days of TRS.

This is all happening quite quickly with the workshop scheduled on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March 2017. We will also be looking for a venue if any of your schools/institutions might be interested in hosting the event.

Once we have completed this initial workshop, there is an intention that we will run similar workshops as the project continues, perhaps run by your QAMT branch.

If you are able to suggest anyone, please pass on their contact details, current school/institution, and any special or notable skill-set that the teacher would bring to the group.  Please ring Peter Cooper on 0416159375 or email

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