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Y5/6 and 7/8 Quiz FAQs

  • I noticed that the dates of the quiz were 28/29 July 2020 I was wondering if we could run our quiz on 30 July which would match our programs better.

No problem. Please send the scores for your top teams through to us by Monday 3rd August if you would like them to be considered for a place in the Regional sessions later in the term (Note: Regional Quizzes to be run ‘in school’ in the majority of cases.

  • The other question I had was I have registered 10 teams but we may only have 7 or 8 is that still OK?

The number of teams you enter from your school is up to you and does not have to be the same as you nominate in your registration. We have asked for the number of teams to be registered only so that we can get an idea of how many students will be involved across the State

  • I also wondered if we could receive some extra preparation materials for our students as this is the first time we have run it by ourselves at our school.

There are past editions of the quiz available on the QAMT website. If you have any problems accessing these please let us know.

  • We will probably not officially enter this year. I might just do it with our Yr 7’s a couple of weeks later for fun. We never get past the first round anyway.

Happy for you to do the quiz in your own time for fun – the ‘fun’ aspect of the quiz is something we try to promote. However, it’s important for us to know how many schools engage with the quiz, so we’d like all schools intending to use the quiz to register with us through the website – and since the Regional round will be run ‘in-school’ there are more opportunities for schools to enter a team this year.

  • We usually run a round as a cluster, inviting all the cluster state schools and private ones.

Many schools are not permitting incursions or excursions because of health risks at the moment. Since (as we’re seeing at present) the situation can change very quickly to more restrictions we are going ahead with the in-school option for this year.

  • We usually run (the 7/8 Quiz) with our cluster in Numeracy and Literacy week and have set the date this year for September 3.

Happy for you to run a ‘fun event’ for the schools in your district but running the Quiz this late in the year means that none of the schools involved will be able to progress to the Regional or State Final Rounds. Suggest you ask all schools to register for the quiz at the advertised time, and use the Regional quiz questions for your ‘Numeracy’ week. Local restrictions might also mean that the numeracy week event is not permitted.


  • Do schools still need to register through QAMT? Our teams are awarded medals that QAMT usually send us and all students receive certificates, again usually sent to us by QAMT.

School’s will need to register if they want to receive the Quiz questions and certificates and have their teams eligible for the subsequent rounds. We are not sending out medallions for Round 1 this year, though we hope to do so for the Regional winners later in the term. It’s important for us and the future of the quiz that we know how many schools/teams engage

  • We want to run the quiz as a cluster later in the year.

Please encourage the schools in your cluster to register and run this year’s quiz at their school at the advertised time. You can still run a ‘fun’ version later in the year if permitted by the local school arrangements.


  • I have read the email that has been forwarded to me about the competition and have registered 2 teams on the website. May we enter more than two teams?

The number of teams registered is left open for each school – you may enter as many teams as you think would benefit from the experience – you can choose to run the Quiz through a maths club, as part of your usual timetable, through (advanced) timetabled classes, or as a special event for selected students.

  • Can we run the competition on any day in Week 3?

Yes – but QAMT will need to receive the results by Monday 3rd August. You might also choose to split the quiz into two sections so that each section can be delivered in a timetabled class time on different days.