Year 5/6 and 7/8 Maths Quiz 2019

Quiz dates and Registration for 2019

Year 5/6 and year 7/8 Quiz dates for Round 1 will be in the first four weeks of term 3.  The actual date is determined by the local centres between 15th July and 16th August.  The Regional Round will be held between 19th August and 20th September ….

  • Round1/District Round: July 15th – August 16th
  • Regional Round: August 19th – September 20th

Year 7/8 Quiz only:

  • Finals and activities program: Thursday October 24th at UQ, St Lucia (sponsorship funds will be used to provide distance-based travel subsidies for teams living more than 200km from Brisbane)
    Registrations for the quiz and more information available at <>

More Quiz Centres needed!

This year QAMT is running both our traditional Year 7/8 Maths Quiz and the first year of the Statewide Year 5/6 Maths Quiz. While the quizzes have similar formats, the Year 7/8 Quiz runs local and Regional rounds leading on to teams attending the finals in Brisbane, whereas the Year 5/6 Quiz runs local rounds and, where possible, Regional finals.
We have already heard from a number of schools who would like to run a round 1 of the Year 5/6 Quiz this year, and have received offers from many of our current Year 7/8 schools to continue as Centres. There are still ‘holes’ in the quiz map of Queensland – if you would like to run a centre at you school for either the Year 5/6 or Year 7/8 quiz, please email us at
Schools hosting a round of the quiz can register up to three teams from their own schools free of charge.

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