2020 Information Statement

Because the COVID-19 situation remains unclear, and we have no idea if schools or sectors will permit ‘excursions’ next term, or what social distancing may be required, QAMT has decided that Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2020 Quiz will be run with individual schools running the quiz in their own school with their own students. The quizzes will presumably run in school time, though that is a matter entirely for individual schools. These arrangements are for 2020 only – we hope that we can get back to ‘normal’ face to face quizzes in 2021.

The Round 1 of the quiz will be held for all schools in the third week of Term 3 (EQ 2020 Calendar) from July 28th – 29th (more information on this is provided below)

  • Local conditions may allow for a couple of nearby schools to come together to run the quiz. It is entirely up to the schools if they wish to make this arrangement and QAMT will not be organising any centres for this year’s quiz.
  • A school may enter as many teams from their own school as they can accommodate – the number of teams will depend on how many students will be able to access the quiz questions and enjoy the challenge.
  • Each team as usual will have three members (at least one of whom will be from yr5 (y5/6 quiz) or yr7 (y7/8 quiz).

Round 2/Regional Finals

For both the 5/6 and 7/8 quizzes, teams will be selected from the Round 1 quiz results and be invited to a ’regional’ round. This round too will be run through individual schools by the schools themselves, again with the possibility of nearby schools getting together in a local arrangement if that works for them. ‘Regions’ will be determined and modified along the lines currently in use for the 7/8 Quiz but may be slightly different for the y5/6 Quiz.

State Finals

Up to twenty teams will be selected from the ‘Regional’ quiz round for each of the 5/6 and 7/8 quiz and be invited to the ‘State Finals’. It is hoped that because of the capped numbers of teams taking part, this section of the Quiz will be delivered on line, but we’ll need to make sure that no schools are disadvantaged by this.


In order to support our QAMT Members and Mathematics teachers generally throughout Queensland, registration for schools who want to participate in one or both of the 5/6 and 7/8 quizzes has been reduced and simplified for this year:

  • Registration is free for schools which are financial Institutional Members of QAMT Inc.
  • Registration is free for schools which nominate a financial QAMT Inc. member who is currently engaged at the school to be the contact for the school
  • For schools which are not Institutional Members or do not have a current member who can represent them, there will be a one-off administration fee of $11.00 (including GST) for each of the y5/6 and y7/8 quizzes.

QAMT hopes that running the quiz in this way will still give students an opportunity to enjoy and use their maths in an enjoyable and challenging environment. Obviously, we’ll need to be ‘flexible and agile’ with the arrangements this year, but we encourage you to register your teams through the QAMT website as usual. Looking forward to working with you all again.

Peter Cooper

(Co-ordinator, QAMT yr5/6 and y7/8 State Maths Quiz)


Note: A school is considered a member school if the school is a financial Institutional member of QAMT, or the registration of the school’s teams is done by a financial individual member working at the school at the time of registration (pre-service teachers, retired members, and life-members are not considered financial members of QAMT for this purpose).

The Year 7/8 Quiz is sponsored by The University of Queensland School of Mathematics and Physics.

Below is a map of the Quiz Host Schools in 2019 –  we hope for even greater reach when we return to a face to face style Quiz in 2021.



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